Why Go Rampant?

Quite simply, we build creative promotions & solutions for your business challenges. On time. Every time.

Agency Talent Without the Overhead

We don't have large offices, larger payrolls, or multiple layers of middle management. What we do have, is outlandish marketing skills, user interface/user experience design, graphic design, and programming skills in a highly skilled, extremely efficient package. With this agility comes vast savings we pass directly on to our customers.

Rampant Imaginations

Is a digital creative agency based in Upstate New York, Rampant Imaginations was founded in 1995 by Mark Borst and has produced a steady stream of creativity for a diverse list of clients. for a vast array of industries. Rampant Imaginations has evolved into a full time business dedicated to helping anyone with a creative need realize their ideas and dreams.

Rampant Imaginations has been quietly building outstanding brands and websites behind the scenes for years. we believe in substance over style, and helping clients satisfy their needs by creating top notch creative work.

No matter what sized business you are, or the size of your project. Rampant Imaginations can put together a comprehensive package to help. From idea to realization Rampant Imaginations provide Corporate Identities, Websites, User Interface Design, Graphic Design, print collateral, powerpoint presentations and much, more.

While extremely creative, Rampant Imaginations takes timelines, schedules and budget very seriously. Working with us ensures your project will be done right, on time and on budget.

Enough about us, see some of our work. Or, if you prefer, contact Rampant Imaginations today for a free estimate for your next project.

On Time. Every time.

Deadlines. Every project has them. At Rampant Imaginations, we know time and time again, the fate of your business depends on estiblishing and hitting the right goals. That is why we work tirelessly with you and your team from the beginning of every project to understand your time contstraints, and deliver on time (or earlier) every time.


What's in a name? Everything. At Rampant Imaginations we treat every project as the unique, special, priority project that it is, and provide custom lateral thinking solutions that get results. We will work with you every step of the way to understand exactly where you are, and where you want to end up, filling in the middle together. Don't take our word for it, look at some case studies to see concrete examples of imaginations gone rampant.

Clients & Budgets of all sizes welcome.

Small, medium, large, it's all the same to us. Because of our low overhead, Rampant Imaginations can handle projects of any size. From full websites, to landing pages, to brand updates or complete overhauls, from push email templates to complete online software-as-a-service applications (SAAS), We have you covered.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote on your project. You will receive an initial consultation, and formal proposal for review, with a detailed estimate for all of you needs.

We Speak Your Language

Rampant Imaginations has worked with clients from virtually all walks of life including: Business to Business (B2B), Entertainment, Retail, Financial Services, Higher Education, Healthcare, Technology, Non-Profit organizations, and many others. Benefit from our experience.

"Mark's suggestions, creativeness, attention to details, and technical skills make him a unique provider for any business looking for a powerful image on the internet."

- John Hendricks,
President and Founder
Success Secrets

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Case Study

When Bruce McClellan wanted to change Real Estate Networking forever with a fantastic social media idea, he contacted Rampant Imaginations for a complete Rampant Imagination brainstorm.

What followed, was nothing short of a spectacular realization of his vision beyond his wildest dreams.